Jan has collated and analysed a lot of the background and historical information about library funding, including legislation and policy documents as well as statistics and research findings. If you’re interested in learning more about the details of how NSW library funding works and how our funding today stacks up, check out some of the sources below.


  • Library Act 1939 – the legislation that provides the framework for NSW public libraries; this is the version that is in force today.
  • Library Regulation 2010 – prescribes the current $1.85 per resident subsidy that the NSW Government must provide.
  • Acts and Regulations as made – check out historical versions of the Library Act and the various Library Amendment Acts that changed it over time, as well as earlier versions of the Library Regulation (only regulations since 1995 are available here).

Library Statistics (including funding and expenditure)

Research reports

Policy reviews and analyses

Commentary articles and speeches