Petition for a Parliamentary Inquiry and Fairer Funding

Despite decades of decline in NSW Government support for public libraries and a strong campaign from the community that was supported by the Greens, the Baird Government still didn’t commit to improving funding for public library services during the 2015 election campaign.

Now that they’ve been re-elected, we can’t let them continue to ignore public libraries. The Greens are going to keep up the campaign in NSW Parliament, and you and your community can help.

Download our new petition, collect as many signatures from library lovers as you can, and send them through to my office at Parliament House.

The petition calls on the Government to do two things:

  1. Support a Parliamentary Inquiry into Public Libraries, which The Greens will move to establish in the NSW Upper House. The terms of reference for the inquiry will include the benefits of library services to the community, so that the Parliament will receive evidence about the benefits (and savings) investment in public libraries can deliver. Reviewing the benefits of library investment across a range of government portfolios was a recommendation of the Parry Review that has been ignored.
  2. Replace the current Library Regulation, which fixes the base subsidy for library services at $1.85 per resident (the same amount it was fixed at in 1997) and which is due to expire this year, with new regulations that deliver a fair and adequate funding model.

Download the petition now. If we get 10,000 signatures, we can force a debate in the Parliament and make the Government respond to our call for an inquiry and a fairer funding model.

5 thoughts on “Petition for a Parliamentary Inquiry and Fairer Funding

  1. Communities need our libraries and libraries need the support of government. Libraries are a service, not there to make a profit. Communities profit.

    1. It takes a community to raise a child.
      A Government fearful of educated citizens is in Gerrymander.
      Learning develops individual responsivity. Clones supposedly save us on Taxes. Money is a medium of exchange and so the quicker it goes around the more often it is Taxed.
      Political Organisations only play their own Queer games, everyone else likes musical chairs.

  2. Local libraries are a vital part of regional, remote & suburban communities & a visit to any library will confirm that.
    We need more funding not less

  3. The regs need to be looked at to make it a fairer funding model. Public libraries are vital for a community’s well-being.

  4. I don’t know what I would of done to help my kids with their homework without the public library and the various services.

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